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Neonatal Care: Services


Perinatal Care: If your doctor determines that your pregnancy is of high-risk, you can be rest assured that your baby will receive the highest level of care at Suguna Hospital. Our neonatal-perinatal medical staff remains in the Hospital overnight and are available to the obstetrical team in times of emergency.
Family-Centered Approach: Parents are welcome to visit anytime as we consider you to be the primary care-givers. The needs of a family whose tiniest member has been admitted to our NICU are unique. It is our mission to assist you, the family, along each step of this journey and to prepare you for your return home.
Antenatal counseling regarding care of the baby after birth, for mothers in whom certain problems are anticipated at delivery.
Comprehensive Parent Teaching Program: All parents who have babies admitted in the NICU will be advised and trained on how to look after the babies at home, before the baby will be discharged.

Neonatal care is provided for


Baby who has problems at birth.
Respiratory distress at birth.
Pre-terms babies (ranging from the smallest 24-week gestation infant to 36 weeks gestation).
Low birth weight babies (LBW).
Treatment of newborn jaundice.
Babies who require specialist care for associated problems.
Full-term infants (from 36-40 weeks gestation) who have not fully adapted to life outside the womb and     require oxygen and/ or ventilation.
Infants who have congenital defects that may require surgery.



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