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We believe in multidisciplinary approach to the management of critically ill patients. The unit has a team of microbiologist, specially-trained nurses, physiotherapists, dieticians, technical, paramedical staff and biomedical engineers who are actively involved in the supportive care of the patients.

We have several quality assurance programmes like audits and CMEs for our doctors. We follow protocols, guidelines and practice of Evidence Based Medicine in the management of various medical conditions.

We provide compassionate, comprehensive, critical care to patients with a variety of diseases and complications, including

Severe sepsis.
Multiorgan failure.
Traumatic injuries.
Acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS).
All medical emergencies.
Cardiac emergencies.
Toxicological emergencies.
Neurological emergencies.
Postoperative care for pts with.
       Cardio thoracic surgeries.
       Vascular surgeries.
       Abdominal surgeries.
       Orthopaedic surgeries.
       Any postoperative patient who requires intensive           care.

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