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General Medicine

General Medicine is the branch of medicine that focuses on adult care. It refers to the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the internal organs.

A general medicine doctor may work with a patient’s heart, lungs and brain, among other organs. These doctors treat illnesses of the internal organs with methods other than surgery.

General Medicine is a group practice of certified physicians and nurse practitioners that specialize in geriatrics, physical medicine and rehabilitation, and general internal medical services. Our services are focused on caring for post-acute and long-term care patients.
Through our experience of serving many facilities in varying areas, we recognize it is essential to collaborate with other providers and healthcare organizations to deliver the finest continuity of care for patients. It is for this reason, in each facility we service; we have developed and maintain a local practice, with primary care and Hospital affiliations.

Our practice was started in 2006, and today, our highly specialized service delivery model is recognized as the leading physician care model for today's patient care, and chronically ill patient.

A specialist in this field is referred to as a general medicine physician. These doctors work with patients of age 18 or older, as doctors who work with children are called paediatricians. General physicians become experts at diagnoses. They must identify multiple diagnoses, as diseases that involve several internal organs are not uncommon.

Process Of Maintaining
Medicine as a practice is the process of maintaining or restoring a patient’s health through diagnosis and treatment. As this category is intentionally broad, the word general is applied before it when classifying any type of adult patient care. General internal medicine is a slightly narrower field because there is more of a focus on the body’s organs.

A general medicine practice in our Hospital normally consists of a consultant, registrar and duty doctors. The consultant is the specialist, or the general medicine physician. The registrar is a doctor in training to become a specialist, and the duty doctor is a qualified doctor in training. 


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