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Pursuit of Excellence is endless and we at Suguna Hospital are committed to this motto, we expertise in a range of ENT Surgeries & Head and Neck Cancer surgeries in our Hospital.

Ear Surgery is one of the common surgery done at our Hospital. We have done the surgeries for perforation of Tympanic Membrane. The technique followed is Interlay Tympanoplasty which has revolutionized the success rate of this operation to 99%.

Apart from Tympanoplasty, surgery of unsafe ear like intact canal Tympanomastoid surgery with cartilage ossiculoplasties is being done regularly.

For deviated Nasal Septum and Sinusitis, Endoscopic septoplasty and Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (FESS) are performed with a success rate of 99 %. Rhinoplasties are performed for cosmetic enhancement of the Nose done with excellent results.

All surgeries confined to Head and Neck are being done regularly. Cancer Surgery of Head & Neck like:

Total Laryngetomy.
Total Laryngopharyngetomy with Provox valve.
Radical Neck Dissection.


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