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Diagnosis of rheumatologic disorders is clinical. It depends on pattern of joint involvement and associated clinical features. X-ray and other imaging techniques are used to assess the extent of joint damage. Laboratory tests are carried out to further establish the diagnosis, find out involvement of other systems of body and to monitor drug toxicities.


Treatment of arthritis aims at relief of pain, maintenance of joint function, modification of disease process to induce remission and prevention, or correction of deformities. Early diagnosis is, therefore, essential. A rheumatologist must be consulted and followed up at the earliest symptoms of the disease. Evidence based therapeutic protocols are now available.

These appear to be effective in over 60% cases. Alternate protocols are also available. Rheumatologists start appropriate therapeutic regimen after conducting a proper diagnosis, monitoring response to treatment, observing patients for side-effects and changing prescribed drugs if required. The drugs can usually be withdrawn on successful achievement of therapeutic goals.

Successful Treatment for the Following:

Rheumatoid Arthritis.
Arthritis of Sarcoidosis.
Paget's Disease of Bone.

Consultative and Continuing Patient Care.
Intraticular Injections.
Rheumatologic Procedure.
Lab & Imaging Backup.


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