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General & Laparoscopy Surgery

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Esophageal diseases including achalasia, hiatus hernia and strictures.
Diseases of the liver and Biliary tract, including liver cysts, abscesses, portal hypertension, gallstones, cholecystitis and postcholecystectomy complications, cholangitis, Biliary tract strictures, choledochal cysts, all forms of surgical jaundice and hepatobiliary cancers.
Complications of diseases of the pancreas including pancreatic necrosis, pancreatic fistulas, pseudo cysts, sphincteroplasty, surgery for chronic pancreatitis.
Diseases of the stomach and alimentary canal including ulcers, bleeds, tuberculosis, intestinal obstruction, fecal fistulas, sphincter-preserving surgery for ulcerative colitis.
A special focus area of the unit is surgery in patients with cirrhosis and portal hypertension.

Operations which are performed using a laparoscopic approach at the Suguna Hospital:

Cholecystectomy (gall bladder removal).
Liver biopsy.
Diagnostic laparoscopy.
Conditions requiring removal of part or all of the colon (colectomy).
Operations to treat pancreatitis and its complications or pancreatic tumors.
Operations to remove the spleen.
Operations to remove one or both adrenal glands.
Weight reduction operations.
Operations to remove a section of the liver or to treat liver cysts.
Operations to create or reverse colostomies.
Operations to treat rectal prolapse.
Inguinal hernia repair.
Abdominal wall hernia repair.
Feeding jejunostomy.
Closure and treatment for perforated ulcers and other ulcer problems including vagotomy (both truncal and highly selective), intestinal obstruction -conditions requiring removal of part of the stomach, (either cutting scar tissue or intestinal bypass if needed) conditions requiring removal of a piece of the intestine.


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