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Out-Patient Services

In order to avail  the out-patient services offered at the Hospital, the patient should register himself/herself at the main reception.
The registration is done round-the-clock and the form for the same is to be filled up and handed over at the counter itself.
Please make sure that you provide accurate information in this form.
Please carry the registration card for every Hospital visit.
Your registration number is important to make sure that you receive timely services.

OPD department is at the Ground floor of the Hospital building, connected by two lifts and stairs. Waiting Lounge in OPD department is large & spacious for patients.

There are various facilities like Help Desk at the entrance of the OPD block, wheel chairs & patients trolley are available at the entrance of OPD gate for those patients who are unable to walk and other facilities like sitting arrangement and with two LCD screens are installed in the waiting lounge so that, patient can pass their time while they are waiting for their turn. There are separate queue for old people, handicapped person. There is large parking space also available rear end of the Hospital building for the patients.

  The OPD Services that we offer, caters to varied specialties. Our OutPatient Department  sprawls over a vast area, which gives enough lung space and elbow rooms to patients and doctors for relaxed atmosphere. The OPD Department is light and airy with enough sitting arrangement for patients and their companions. We have also provided news papers and magazines so that time can be passed pleasantly during wait time. All the patients are properly taken care of by speedy appointment with doctors.


OPD Services in Our Hospital:
Anaesthesia & Pain Management
Cardio Throacic & Vascular Surgery
Dental & Faciomaxillary Surgery
Diabetalogy & Endocrinology
General Medicine
General Surgery & Laparoscopy Surgery
Gynaecology & Obstetrics
Nephrology & Renal Transplant Surgery
Orthopaedics & Joint Replacement Surgery
Paediatric Medicine
Paediatrics Surgery
Plastic Surgery
Spine Surgery
Vascular Surgery


  Slno   Name   Speciality
  1   Dr. Anand   General & Laparoscopic Surgery  
  2   Dr. Ravishankar   Anaesthisiology  
  3   Dr. Vivekanand   Anaesthisiology  
  4   Dr. Vani .P   Anaesthisiology  
  5   Dr. Subramani P.   Radiology  
  6   Dr. Ravi Kumar .B.L   Vascular Surgery  
  7   Dr. Prashant Hungund   Urology  
  8   Dr. Nagarajaiah   Urology  
  9   Dr. Keshav Murthy   Urology  
  10   Dr. Bhanuprakash   Dermatology  
  11   Dr Shivakumar H S   Orthopedics & Joint Replacement Surgery  
  12   Dr. Madhav .K.R   Oncology  
  13   Dr.Y.A.Suresh   General Medicine & Critical Care  
  14   Dr. Somashekar Reddy   Diabetology & Endocrinology  
  15   Dr. Bhattacharjee   ENT  
  16   Dr. Shashi Bhushan   Pulmonology  
  17   Dr. Priyadarshan   Plastic Surgery  
  18   Dr. Mahesh. G   Plastic Surgery  
  19   Dr. Hanumantha Raju   Urology  
  20   Dr. Naveen Kumar .A.G   ENT  
  21   Dr.Sheshadri   General Medicine & Critical Care  
  22   Dr. Srinath   Dental and Facio-Maxillary Surgery  
  23   Dr.Shashikumar   General Medicine & Critical Care  
  24   Dr. Srikanth .B.S   Peadiatrics  
  25   Dr Sanjay R P   Urology  
  26   Dr Deepak Rudrappa   Orthopedics & Joint Replacement Surgery  
  27   Dr.Ramesh Jois   Rheumatology  
  28   Dr. Narendra Babu   Paediatric Surgery  
  29   Dr. Sujatha Ravindra   Gynecology and Obstetrics  
  30   Dr. Anand Kumar .J   General & Laparoscopic Surgery  
  31   Dr.Sanjay .S   Nephrology  
  32   Dr. Tarakram   Neuro Surgery  
  33   Dr. Girish Gadre   Neurology  
  34   Dr. Dayanand .K   Neurology  
  35   Dr.Bharath K Kadadi   Orthopedics & Joint Replacement Surgery  
  36   Dr.Nagaraj B.N   Orthopedics & Joint Replacement Surgery  
  37   Dr. Ravindra.R   Orthopedics & Joint Replacement Surgery  
  38   Dr. ShankreGowda   Gynecology and Obstetrics  
  39   Dr. Ayappan   Physiotherapy  
  40   Dr. Anand Dothial   Gastroenterology  
  41   Dr. Rajshekhar Reddy   Thoracic Surgery  
  42   Dr. Dhananjay   Psychatric  
  43   Dr Kumar C V   Orthopedics & Joint Replacement Surgery  
  44   Dr Anil Kamath   Oncology  
  45   Dr Sanath G Kamte   Radiology  
  46   Dr. Govardhan Reddy   Nephrology  
  47   Dr. Padmanabha Rao   Optholomology  
  48   Dr. Deepak .J   Paediatric Surgery  
  49   Dr Lokesh M   Orthopedics & Joint Replacement Surgery  
  50   Dr.Anitha Ravishankar   Gynecology and Obstetrics  
  51   Dr.Chandrika Anand   Gynecology and Obstetrics  
  52   Dr Vikram Arunachalam   Psychatric  
  53   Dr. Praveen Kumar   Gastroenterology  
  54   Dr. Punith Kumar   Optholomology  
  55   Dr. Anjenappa T H   Gastroenterology  
  56   Dr Pandu   Oncology  
  57   Dr Nikhil Das   Orthopedics & Joint Replacement Surgery  
  58   Dr Gourav Sharma   Orthopedics & Joint Replacement Surgery  
  59   Dr. B.C Srinivas   Cardiology  
  60   Dr karthik Malepathi   Neuro Surgery  
  61   Dr G Girish   Optholomology  
  62   DR USHARANI N C   Optholomology  
  63   DR HARSHITA   Radiology  
  64   Dr sandeep shankar   Cardiology  
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