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Care is taken to alleviate the anxiety of relatives and friends of patients at the Suguna. Areas have been designed where they can relax and refresh themselves in comfort. Comfortable Chairs, TV sets and reading materials are all put in place so that they are able to wait on the patients admitted to the Hospital. Suguna's sense of aesthetics is directly connected with the cleanliness of an enclosed area. A multi-specialty Hospital needs to be sterile 24/7. Our cleaning staff works round the clock to maintain a spotless Hospital. We also ensure a prescribed segregation of waste material so that an effective and ecologically friendly waste management system is followed. The high end equipment, OTs, Labs, they all need specialised cleaning attention and we take extreme care to ensure cleanliness. Hospitals often remind people of unpleasant things and places. We strive to maintain a facility which works hard to ease the anxieties of people visiting us in every possible way.

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