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Cardiac Sciences

An all-inclusive programme for the management of heart disease from newborns to adults, including prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation.

The Centre offers a full array of Cardiology Services provided by a team of highly skilled Cardiologists and Clinicians. It aims to Deliver Excellent, Cost-effective and Evidence-based patient care, as well as Educate patients, nurses and doctors on the Principles and Practice of Managing Cardiovascular Diseases.

The center brings together resources, expertise and capabilities in the areas of Cardiology, Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery to better meet the needs of the growing number of patients with heart disease.

Our Strengths lie in Several Key Services, notably in Interventional Cardiology, Non-invasive Imaging Services (including Echocardiography & TMT) and Congenital Heart Diseases.

An Outstanding Team of Cardiologists, Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgeons specialising in a wide range of adult and paediatric surgeries and treatment, each tailored for the individual needs of the patient. In addition, the centre has special programmes that offer Minimally Invasive Valve Replacement, Keyhole Surgery, Beating Heart Coronary Artery Bypass grafting, and Awake Cardiac Surgery. The center is supported by Cardiac and Vascular Catheterisation Laboratories, an electrophysiology Programme and a Dedicated Cardiac Operating Theatre.


Cardiologists perform interventional radiology and a number of special procedures by means of cardiac catheterization.Cardiac catheterization is a specialized x-ray examination that uses “live” digital images of your coronary arteries and the pumping chambers of the heart to diagnose heart disease.

  • Balloon angioplasty
  • Coronary and left ventricular digital angiography
  • Coronary intravascular ultrasound
  • Right and left heart catheterization
  • Rotational artherectomy
  • The Suguna Heart Centre, Cath lab is an important milestone in the evolution of the hospital as a single-window destination for immediate treatment for heart attacks. The first 60 minutes, also called the ‘Golden hour’- is a very critical phase in the life of a person who has just suffered a heart attack. The Cath lab seeks to fulfill an important life-saving mission for such critical patients. Emergency angioplasty has come to be recognized as the golden rule for the treatment of any heart-attack patients. Treatment in the “golden hour” is a guarantee for a total restoration of the damaged heart.

    The Cath lab at Suguna Hospital, Dr.Rajkumar road marks an important chapter in the long and eventful history of specialty heart care hospital in Bangalore. With the increase in the number of heart attacks among a large section of society, a specified Cath lab will certainly help patients during emergency as it is the need in the golden hour.

    The Cath lab makes use of the latest advanced technology, As patient volumes rise and procedures become more complex, Philips Azurion C7 helps to maintain high standards of quality and safety in our healthcare facility, Azurion helps us to address many challenges & has High standards of safety and low radiation exposure.