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New Mile stone in Cardiac Care at Suguna Hospital

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  • Hybrid suite with confidence with the Azurion 7 C20 & Azurion 7 F20.
  • This next-generation image guided therapy solution.
  • Perform open and minimally invasive procedures in one room.
  • Clinical excellence unites with workflow innovation to support in delivering outstanding patient care, and increasing operational efficiency.
  • Most Affordable

Suguna Hospital caters to a large spectrum of medical problems and complications all under one roof.

“SUGUNA HEART CENTRE” Suguna Hospital, recently launched the city’s latest, next generation image-guided therapy platform, Azurion 7 Series with 12'' flat detector . This next-generation image guided therapy solution supports doctors in delivering outstanding patient care and increasing operational efficiency, to provide emergency treatment to heart- attack patients. Advances in technology can significantly help not only save lives but also minimize the invasiveness of cardiac procedures.

“The Cath lab makes use of the latest advanced technology, As patient volumes rise and procedures become more complex, Philips Azurion C7 helps to maintain high standards of quality and safety in our healthcare facility, Azurion helps us to address many challenges & has High standards of safety and low radiation exposure."

A Cath lab is an examination room in a hospital or clinic that uses diagnostic imaging equipment to visualize the arteries of the heart and the chambers of the heart and treat any stenosis or abnormality. Cath lab assumes significance in view of the increasing need of angiography/percutaneous techniques like coronary angioplasty (ballooning) in any cardiac unit.

"The Cath lab at Suguna Hospital, Dr.Rajkumar road marks an important chapter in the long and eventful history of specialty heart care hospital in Bangalore. “With the increase in the number of heart attacks among a large section of society, a specified Cath lab will certainly help patients during emergency as it is the need in the golden hour. I am very happy to note that Suguna hospital has taken interest catering to the ever growing emergency care. The city of Bangalore requires such critical care labs which can save valuable lives,”

Dr.C.N.Manjunath, Director of Sri Jayadeva Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences and Research