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In-Patients Services

In-Patients Services

Admission & Discharge:

Contact Admission Desk with the admission request form given by consultant. The Front-Office Executives (FOEs) help you to check-in through the Hospital information system and guides you to the Counsellors.

Our admission staffs are available to answer any of your queries and guide you to choose a suitable room.

You are required to pay an initial deposit at the time of admission in accordance with the room category. Charges vary as per room category, irrespective of the medical services.

Please ensure that you clarify all your doubts about the charges before admission. If you have any queries regarding billing during your stay, our billing staff will be of assistance to you.

Patients are admitted under the sole discretion of the Hospital consultants.

The estimated cost in case of planned surgeries is provided at the Admission Desk or by Billing Department.

All room confirmations are subjected to the availability, on the date of admission.

Bed charges are exclusive of nursing and diet charges.

Emergency charges 25% more applicable on surgery charges from 10:00 pm to 7:00 am.

Visiting Hours:

    Visiting timings of Wards:

    Morning: 10 am – 11 am

    Evening: 5 pm – 7 pm

    Visiting timings of ICU & CCU:

    Morning: 10 am-11 am

    Evening: 5 pm-6 pm

Corporate Admissions:

Corporate clients are required to submit their company’s credit letter on the date of admission. In case of emergency admissions, the credit letter has to be submitted within 24 hrs of admission.

In the case of the non-submission of the company’s credit letter, the patient is deemed as a cash patient and an initial deposit is to be deposited. The same would be refunded (at the time of discharge) against the submission of the company’s credit letter.

Patients opting for a room/bed category higher than their entitled category are required to pay the difference in charges arising thereafter. Charges for investigations, operation theatre charges, and the doctor’s fees are subjected to change in accordance with the particular room category chosen.

Credit Facility:

Credit facility is offered only to the patient from Corporate & Insurance.

TPA’s having a tie up with Suguna Hospital for patient covered under Medical Insurance, it is mandatory to get approval for cashless facility from TPA before patient gets admitted.

However if the patient gets admitted in emergency, then this approval for cashless facility must be produced before the discharge.


    Request for room change may be made to the admissions desk executive.

    You are required to pay a deposit as per your room category and the treatment advised. Payment of the second installment is made when expenditure exceeds the initial payment. Contact the Billing Department at Extension 118/802 for checking the bill status.

    All patients are required to pay an initial deposit at the time of admission as specified by the admission counter.

    For surgeries/packages, the entire cost of the package has to be deposited at the time of admission.

    Interim bills would be produced on alternate days and will be available at the Billing counter. Patients are required to make a deposit within 24 hrs of receipt of the interim bills. If the bill is not cleared within 24 hrs. Then all the credit facilities, whether pharmacy or any other, will be discontinued.

    The deposits would be adjusted against the final bill.

    Charges for investigation, operation theatre charges, and the doctor’s fees are subjected to change in accordance to the particular room category chosen..


    In case the amount has to be refunded at the time of final settlement of bill, then the refund would be made by cheque. In such a case, staff of billing department would take proof from the patient/relative.


    Preventive maintenance of all equipment in the rooms routinely and thoroughly done. To further ensure continued patient comfort, the staff of the Hospital make daily room rounds, during these rounds various equipments, facilities in the room are checked and if necessary serviced/replaced. If you need any assistance regarding television, air-conditioning, power points, nurse call system, plumbing or telephone in your room, please let the sister Incharge know, of your floor. Please allow a response time of 30 minutes.

    Waste Management: The Hospital has implemented a waste management system, wherein the waste is segregated into biodegradable and non biodegradable.

    Private Accommodations

    We want to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Nearly all rooms are private with a private bath, phone and color cable TV. There are nurse servers within each room with needed supplies. In most rooms, recliners are available for family members. In addition, a nurse call system notifies the patient’s assigned nurse.

    In-Room Dining

    Our In-Room Dining Services allows you to select meals from an available menu. Meals are freshly prepared and delivered within 45 minutes of your request.


The discharge process involves several activities, which can take up to four hours to complete. Your nurse will assist you in the discharge process. On the day, the concerned doctor advises discharge, you should clear all the dues in billing department. Your nurse will hand over the discharge summary and explain the medication that you need to continue, when you are ready to leave. A clinical nutritionist advices on your nutritional needs also if necessary a physiotherapist advices you about the exercise routine that you should observe. Nursing supervisors/ Nurse in charges are team leaders in patient areas who perform administrative role besides their clinical duty. All queries may be directed to them

The discharge process is initiated only after the patient’s consultant deems him/her fit for discharge.

Discharge timing is 8.00 am to 6.30 p.m.

Patients are advised to collect their discharge summary before leaving the Hospital.

Patients requiring the charge slip details for reimbursement purposes can request for the same at the time of discharge.

In case a patient does not wish to continue his/her stay at the Hospital, he can, in consultation with his doctor, ask for the Discharged Against Medical Advice (DAMA).

Before leaving, the patient needs to check his/her room carefully for any personal belongings.

To avail of an ambulance/transport facility, the patient can put in a request at the nursing counter/reception counter.

After discharge, if there is any emergency the patient can come down to the Accident Emergency and causality for assistance and can contact the Emergency Contact No:080 40194444 / 23327777.

Please Note: - Discharge process may take 3 Hrs- 4 Hrs to be completed from the time, the treating consultant initiates the discharge. There may be more delay in case of final authorization is required from TPA for insurance.

Helping You After Your Stay

If you need any services at discharge, the discharge planning team will meet with you to talk about these arrangements. Services can include outpatient therapies or medical equipment. Following some Hospital stays, additional care and treatment will be needed. In these instances, the discharge team will help assist you to find an acceptable nursing home, sub acute or rehabilitation centre that best meets your needs.

    General Instructions:

    Smoking: Suguna Hospital is a No Smoking Zone. Patients and their attendants are strictly prohibited from smoking in the Hospital premises.

    Silence: Silence is essential in a Hospital. Even minor noises can disturb people who are not feeling well. Visitors are requested to speak softly and avoid unnecessary noise. Attendants are advised to keep down the volume on their television sets. Patient’s relatives are advised not to crowd the area outside the patient rooms. Hospital staff is under instruction to take necessary steps to prevent noise and crowding.

    Parking: Due to limited space, there may be times when parking is not available in the immediate vicinity of the Hospital.

    Tips & Gratuities :

    Our policy expressly states that staff should not accept gifts or extra payments for services performed and we courteously ask you to assist us in implementing this policy.

    Checklist Please Remember:

    To check the room and wardrobe thoroughly for your personal items.

    To check your locker to ensure that you have taken all your belongings before handing over the keys.

    To collect all your prescriptions/films/reports and to fully understand the instructions concerning medicines or diet to be followed at home and collect emergency contact number of Hospital to contact in case of any medical emergency.

Important Information:

Medico Legal Cases: On admission of a medico legal case, the Hospital has to mandatory honor the rules of the Indian Govt. and informs the local police authorities. In case of mortality, post mortem is a must. The authority to hold back post mortem is not within the purview of the Hospital authorities.

Death Certificate: If a patient expires in the Hospital, an interim death certificate is issued to the family by the Hospital to carry the body. The Hospital sends the required documents to the Govt. agency. The family has to collect the final Death Certificate from the Birth & Death Registrar office with regard to all mortalities at Suguna Hospital.